NoviSign, Ltd – Israel

NoviSign is a privately held company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Founded in 2011, NoviSign’s vision is to support the ‘natural’ movement of signs to digital signage signs around the world, by providing innovative, dynamic, robust and easy-to-use digital signage software as a service. What used to be the privilege of multi-national corporations will now become available to small and medium-sized businesses.

NoviSign Digital Signage is an independent software as a service (SaaS) that enables managing, controlling and broadcasting dynamic campaigns from a cloud to any IP-based sign anywhere in the world. From any PC, the user can broadcast messages to any number of signs (or groups of signs) at any number of locations in real-time.

We are inviting all users or partners to join us. As a user, you will enjoy a rapidly developing platform to broadcast your message to screens. As a partner, you can enjoy advanced technology, running on hardware that is available in any electronics store, and a special partner’s rate.

With NoviSign, you can use any off-the-shelf PC/mini-PC or Android-based TV box, connect it to a TV screen and start your digital signage campaign. In a few very simple steps, like sending a link to the Android TV box or installing an application, you can start playing a signage campaign loaded to a NoviSign server and broadcasted to any device.

You can start now online and run the first screen for FREE. Simply go to the NoviSign website, click on ”Sign Up” and set up your NoviSign admin for free with a license to broadcast to your first screen online.

We are open to any idea and cooperation from any player in the Digital Signage world. If you are user, integrator, designer, hardware provider, ad agency or anyone else interested in digital signage, you are welcome to contact, partner and cooperate with us”

72 Pinchas Rosen Street
Tel-Aviv 69512
Contact: Gil Matzliah

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