Olea Kiosks, Inc – United States

Founded in 1975, the American based company has been a quality kiosk manufacturer for 17 years under CEO Frank Olea’s “better kiosks through intelligent design” concept. This concept has gained notoriety in the American market and sky rocketed Olea Kiosks to the top of the list for inspired and well designed self service kiosks and digital signage installations. Olea is the premier kiosk manufacturing firm sought out by high end retailers such as Sephora and Nike for their engineering and design team’s ability to create kiosks that consider both form and function, as well as perpetuate the brands their clients have worked so hard to create.

Despite its tremendous growth in recent years, Olea demonstrates its roots as a family owned business in the way it treats its clients. Customer service is always a priority at Olea which is another way they have set the bar higher. Often imitated, but never recreated; Olea continues to push the envelope in the digital information industry with their creativity and boutique vision. For a truly unique business to business experience contact Olea for all your kiosks and digital signage needs.

We offer complete design, construction, and integration services to meet your specialized needs all under one roof; a roof covering 50,000 a sq. ft. manufacturing facility with an in-house design studio, computer-aided design and manufacturing center, fabrication department, and a nationwide network of transportation and installation services.

13845 Artesia Blvd.
Cerritos CA 90703
United States

Contact: Frank Olea at info@olea.com
Phone: 800 927 8063 or 562 924 2644

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