LRS Pagers

We’ve been providing revolutionary technologies from the beginning, helping businesses become more efficient and productive.

This is the UK website. As a U.S.-based design and engineering facility with professionals who understand the needs of our, you can be assured our solutions will be practical and easy to use. When choosing a solution, we believe there are four traits that set us apart and have been the foundation of our success.


LRS has always been the leader in value-driven products for the paging industry. Using U.S. engineering and overseas production, we guarantee the most features for the greatest value.


LRS has always led the way in Customer Service. Whether it’s Friday at 8pm or Sunday at 9am, LRS service is available with 24/7 live tech support. Critical items will be advance replaced within 24-72 hours.


LRS is committed to bringing you the most durable products available in the market today. Our designs are created and controlled in the U.S.A., not overseas. Each group within our organization is trained in TQM (Total Quality Management). We are working to gain ISO9002 certification.

To further our commitment to quality, our engineers employ XP (Extreme Programming) concepts in order to develop better products with “first time” performance.

 LRS Pagers

Link House
Leek Road
Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom

Contact: Jamie Lee Jones
Tel: +44 (0) 1782 537000

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