Yachting HiFi International

An answer to your most compelling ProjectsYou want to integrate a very high level technological entertainment communications platform onboard of your yacht.

This totally integrated Platform is the best and completely secure support to all services of entertainment and communications. Yachting HiFi International will accompany you guarantying the mastering of your project.

Our purpose is to procure to the owners of large yachts the best quality of music and cinema experience as well as the full communications’ experience with unique products in all circumstances.

The very first demand takes its origins from the high tech and luxurious requirements of the yacht owners, industrial leaders of yachting and captains who demand the global fitted solutions.

To give a complete answer to this demand and to your expectations, our three year long research period put into life the technological concept performing the true coherence of all entertainment and communication systems onboard.

A multidisciplinary Team of high Performance
Our commercial purpose is to provide you with a detailed study, specifications, executive planning and full staff training schedule leading towards an exclusive entertainment and communications’ solution. Customized product lines, specific catalogue of luxury peripheral devices and functional modelling are the keys to a perfect result. ___ENGINEERING___ Global mastering of the study allows holding the technical clauses book bounded to the norms of security and fitting to sea conditions at all phases of the project.
Yachting HiFi International handles the process from the preliminary study until the very last operation. To succeed and assure the complete quality of integration, technical concepts are based upon full digital systems. ____INTEGRATION___ Realization with Shipyards’ professionals. Conception of Line of Products. Organization of Procedures for Yachting Companies.
Complete Modelling, Building and Fitting the Norms. Luxury range of Products and Services, Logistic, Coordination with Partners. 
 Yachting HiFi International
Rue du Rhone – 100

Contact: Tetyana
Email: info@hifi-international.com
Website: www.hifi-international.com

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