Best Multi Room Audio Video Systems?

Sachin offers some advice on the latest Multi Room Audio Video System

What are the benefits of multi room audio video control?

There are many benefits of multi room audio video control. Multi Room audio gives you the power to control your favourite music anywhere in the building. Every room is able to select and control the multi room audio music and volume in any room just by the touch of a controller button. Multi room video allows you to watch and control different HD video sources in different rooms, such as Sky HD, Blu Ray or any other HD.

How is multi room audio video controlled?

Multi room audio video is controlled with just the push of a button using and an in-wall control or wireless controller. It enables you to make your choice of music or high definition hd video available instantly.t

What do multi room audio video control systems look like?

Multi Room Audio video control systems can be discreetly concealed or tastefully presented in your central audio/high definition HD video area. Keypads can located throughout your home serving as convenient controllers that control volume, radio stations, CD tracks and music and HD video servers using a central control system.

What do I control using multi room audio video system?

In wall Touchscreen or wireless controllers control Sky HD, Hi-Fi, CD, DVD, Blu Ray, Music servers and HD Video servers.

What products do Mayflower AV Solutions use for multi room audio video system?

The products we use for multi room audio video include Crestron, DF Solutions idyl, Netstreams, Kaleidescape, Systemline Modular, Sonos, Opus, Smart-e, Key Digital, imerge, Linn, Elan and Escient. We have tried and tested these products and find they are the best for multi room audio video control.

Where does Mayflower AV Solutions perform multi room audio video installations?

Mayflower International performs multi room audio video installations throughout the UK including; the North, North West, North East, the Midlands, the Home County’s, South West and South East.

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