Systemline Control Systems

Systemline Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution

What can Systemline do for you?

Imagine the whole family being able to enjoy and control their favourite music, in any room throughout the home. A multi-room entertainment system will turn this dream into reality, with the freedom and flexibility to access and control audio and video equipment independently in every room – think of it simply as central heating for pictures and sound.

Everything you’ll need is at your fingertips, via stylish, intuitive keypads or remote controls, while exceptional high performance audio is delivered through discreet speakers.

Discreet in-ceiling or on-wall speakers, combined with stylish keypads, result in virtually no intrusion into your living space. Therefore no more stacks of unsightly hi-fi separate boxes, room cluttering speakers and irritating cables. Systemline offers a unique collection of keypads including the colour TouchScreen – which epitomise elegance and simplicity, for effortless instantaneous control. Each keypad is available with a selection of finishes to complement your individual rooms.

Our typical recommendation for most rooms is a pair of on-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Single speakers are recommended in smaller rooms such as bathrooms. Infrared speakers are ideal for rooms where keypads are not required. The IR function allows full control of your system and connected equipment using the ultra stylish, fully functional remote control.

Systemline is actively involved in protecting the environment for future generations. We all have a small part to play and Systemline, through its products, enables its customers to change their lifestyles.

Systemline Modular is also designed to be extremely energy efficient. The amplifiers work to up to 85% efficiency and the patented switched mode power supply is typically 94% efficient. This level of efficiency is almost unheard of in other consumer electronic devices. A Systemline Modular system fully operational in eight rooms, will consume less power than a 100W light bulb. The less energy we consume, the better for the environment.

Systemline System Options

Systemline multi-room entertainment is divided into two series: Systemline Modular and Systemline S6.

Systemline Modular

Introducing the award-winning Systemline Modular Home Entertainment system, the least intrusive Multi-room system ever devised. Perfect for so many homes from single occupancy, one bed apartments, right up to six bedroom detached houses with large families.

Systemline S6

Superb high fidelity music anywhere you want it – for everyone to enjoy, in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom and bathroom – all completely discreet, with no clutter. S6 is also capable of controlling video distribution (including high definition video) to match the audio for a complete solution.


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