Home Theatre Installations

What is the difference between home cinema installation and home theatre installation?

Nothing at all, the term home theatre installation is more commonly used in the States. It is exactly the same as home cinema installation. Mayflower International as home cinema installers will also perform plasma and projector home cinema installation.

What home theatre products do Mayflower AV Solutions recommend for home cinema installation?

Home Theatre products that we recommend and regularly install for home cinema installation include Pioneer, Living control, Samsung, Bowers and Wilkins B&W, Artcoustic, systemline, Lexicon, Arcam, Lutron, Crestron, Anthony Gallo, Bose and Linn.

Aesthetic Custom Home Cinema Integration with Architecture and Interior DesignMost of our clients relish wonderful architecture. They appreciate outstanding interior design. They admire craftsmanship. And, of course, they love music and movies. So do we.

As audio / video professionals, we form a team with your architect, your interior designer, and your craftsmen. Each discipline brings its expertise and experience to bear on the common goal: create the best space possible for you and your needs. Together the team members propose ideas, improve them, and incorporate them into an overall design.

Sometimes there are tradeoffs. The best-sounding speaker might be too visually prominent. Or the room dimensions might be acoustically unfortunate. Or wallpaper in the home theater might tint the video green. In these tradeoff situations, we don’t advocate; we educate. Once we’ve informed you of the multi-disciplinary consideration, you can then make your best decisions.

A few words about aesthetics. We want your room to “feel” right. As you enter a room, you immediately see it — the architecture, the interior design, the construction details, the lighting. Next, you hear it — the sense of acoustic space, the reverberations, the music playing. You may also smell it — fresh-baked cookies or new leather chairs. You may perceive its textures — wall surfaces, fabrics, flooring. Often, the non-visual design considerations are overlooked. We help our clients create a complete environment, one that pleases all the senses.

Some popular questions on home cinema installation

A Taste of What’s Possible With a Home Cinema System

To an audiophile with a dedicated room, custom home Cinema installation might mean a proud display of electronic components on beautiful award-winning “art furniture”, highlighted by halogen spotlights. Yet to another audiophile, custom home Cinema installation might mean carefully concealing all the electronics, cables, subwoofers, and maybe even speakers.

In a multi-room whole-house system, custom home Cinema installation might mean a music-immersed lifestyle, with hidden in-wall speakers in every room, and higher-performance speakers in the den. It might mean outdoor speakers that look like rocks, or underwater speakers for the in-ground pool. It might mean an easy-to-use, custom programmed portable color touchscreen control system, or it might mean simple keypads in the walls.

What are the costs of a home cinema installation?The cost of home cinema installation varies with the amount of work involved. But what you have to ask yourself is whether the outlay is worth the peace of mind of knowing that you have got the very best home cinema installation for your money. If you have already decided to invest in a home cinema installation, then investing further to ensure you get the right equipment installed and calibrated properly is just a logical extension of the home cinema installation process.


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