MultiRoom AV Installations

Why limit your family’s ability to watch TV, DVDs or listen to music to one room of your house? Take your entertainment with you, using our comprehensive multi room Audio Visual home entertainment systems. Your family will be able to listen to the radio, see a film or catch up on Sky+ recordings in any room around your home.

Access you favourite music or films in any room you choose via a colour touch screen LCD, either wall mounted or in the palm of your hand. Discreet in-ceiling or in-wall speaker are popular choice to minimise intrusion and maximise space.

There are many benefits of multi room audio video control. Multi Room audio gives you the power to control your favourite music anywhere in the house. Every room is able to select and control the multi room audio music and volume in any room just by the touch of a controller button. Multi room video allows you to watch and control different HD video sources in different rooms, such as Sky HD, Blu Ray or BBC HD.

Fun outsideHome entertainment systems dont have to be confined to spaces inside your home. We can install weatherproof speakers in gardens and waterproof screens in swimming pools.

  • You wouldn’t buy a house without central heating; so why should you put up with single room hi-fi and video?
  • Most people think of an audio and video system as being confined to a single room. We may be in the 21st Century, but we’re still with the Victorians when it comes to entertainment distribution in the home. Where’s the fun in that?
  • Just like central heating control, which sets the temperature in any room with the touch of a wall-mounted thermostat, a multi-room audio and video system gives you the power to enjoy your favourite music and TV/video channels in any room with the touch of a wall-mounted keypad. You can use your existing hi-fi system all over the house and yet hide it away in a cupboard. You can distribute the TV/video pictures that were once confined to a single room in the same easy-to-use way. No wires, no obtrusive loudspeakers.
  • Our Multiroom systems are designed for use with totally discreet flush-mounting in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. You can avoid the commonplace hassle and expense of system duplication in each room and save space all over the house. What’s more, you can liberate your décor from the impact of ugly hi-fi systems and CD/DVD/Video storage racks
Out of sightWe ensure our systems can be conveniently stored out of the way when not in use. Equipment is easy to access so that it may be enjoyed in any room. Speakers, screens and wiring can be concealed, keeping clutter to a minimum.

Each of their ownDifferent members of the family have different tastes – a contentious issue if you are limited to one room in which to play music or watch films. A central server enables each member of the family to play their own choice of DVD and music simultaneously.

AV and Home Automation Multi Room Systems

  • Sonos Music Distribution
  • Control4 Audio & Video Distribution and Home Automation System
  • System Line Audio & Video Distribution
  • Crestron Audio & Video Distribution and Home Automation System

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